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Premium MNP API Service

TRAI launched MNP or Mobile Number Portability which has drastically influenced the operator and sim network circle. People started changing their sim network operators easily or in complex terms, this is only known as Mobile Number Portability. Recently, inter-circle portability facility has also been introduced to streamline users to change their circle also.

We at Kerala Recharge is a renowned and ethical platform and offers valuable top-notch MNP API Services with extensive security and privacy. We extend our quality MNP services to ease users while changing their network operators with a simple and hassle-free process.

Our MNP API Service Overview

Our superior MNP Services enable customers or users to find out MNP ( Mobile Number Portability ) information about their network operator. MNP information encloses that which operator is handling the current mobile number. Advantages of Our MNP API Services

Here are a couple of benefits of our productive MNP API Services which convey an extra edge to our customers. Have a look at them:-

1) We ensure to deliver the best API integration to the customers employed with the latest technologies and trends.

2) Our MNP API solutions simplify and automate the entire process of MNP smoothly without any glitches.

3) Our MNP API services have a rich database with real-time cross-checks to assure top quality.

4) We provide authentic, secure and safe API solutions, also we keep the confidential information of the users prudent.

5) You can verify the MNP API services, by porting the aptly active mobile number of our customer.

6) Also, our MNP API services are one of the best in the MNP API solution provider arena precisely employed with modern techniques & tech.

Which Sim Network Operators One Can Port?

You can port or change your sim network operator by connecting our key API service to your website. Here are the supported network operators for our integrated API services.

1) Idea

2) Airtel

3) Vodafone



6) Reliance Jio

Essential Documents Required for MNP

These are the few crucial documents needed during Mobile Number Portability -

1) Copy of address proof

2) Copy of ID proof

3) Custom agreement form with UPC details

4) Copy of last bill payment ( valid for Postpaid users )

Why Choose Our MNP API Services?

Kerala Recharge is an authentic and incredible platform that supports MNP API best-in-class services to the users. We always strive hard to keep our MNP API solutions up-to-date with the latest technological tools to convey excellent & efficient services.

We deliver end-to-end secure and safe Mobile Number Portability services for the customers. We provide our top quality services with minimal cost and efficiency. At the time of payment, we provide flexible and stable payment modes which our customers can choose at their convenience.

What are you waiting for? Now it's quite easy to change your network operators across PAN India with TRAI new MNP system. Enjoy hassle-free MNP services at any corner of India.